Story Behind the Song: "Flowers on the Road" (Coming March 15, 2024)

My new single for Spring “Flowers on the Road" serves as a gentle reminder to cherish the small moments along our journey of self-discovery. In our quest to find our place in the world, we may come to realize that we belong exactly where we are.

“Flowers on the Road” will also be included on my upcoming project, “Trust the Trees” slated for release later this year.

Story behind the song:

Every Spring while growing up in the 80’s in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, my family would load up picnic baskets and ice chests and head north towards Kingsville for our annual “flower tour.” The wildflowers along Highway 77 were absolutely spectacular in those days. There were endless fields of bluebonnets, winecups, primroses and countless other types of wildflowers on either side of the road and the middle “island.” We’d drive along, stopping at the more impressive swaths of color until we wound up at an old picnic area near Riviera where we would stop for lunch. 

This was the one rare occasion of the year when both sides of the family would gather together. The contrast between my mother’s family who had more of a simplistic Southern worldview and my father’s family who were Northern and more cerebral and intellectual was striking, yet everyone got along and found common ground in the beauty of the day. 


As I’ve grown older, it’s been hard to watch as progress and construction have taken most of these places and concrete has become more common than dirt along these old roads. Thankfully, there are still some patches that have yet to be paved over. I often think of those Spring days and how the sight of a primrose takes me right back to the side of Highway 77, walking hand in hand with my ancestors.

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