Exclusive Interview with Joel Brogon - 

Surge FX Magazine June 2023

"Re-Imagined (underneath the trees)" Collaboration with The Darren Holland Project

"Garden of Memories: Songs of Family and Home Vol.II" EP
Songs of Family and Home: The Complete Collection" Album

"Underneath the Trees" Single

Country Queer Roundup - July 24, 2023 - Christopher Treacy

Rainbow Rodeo Magazine - Rainbow Ruckus June 6, 2023 Rachel Cholst

"Manicured Gentrified Lawn" Single

Fatea - April 19, 2023

Country Queer - April 27, 2023 Christopher Treacy

Rainbow Rodeo Magazine - Rainbow Ruckus May 5, 2023 Rachel Cholst

"Where Do We Go From Here" Album

Rainbow Rodeo - January 27, 2023 Rachel Cholst

   "My Faded Love"

Country Queer Roundup - Christopher Treacy 

"Bottle Half Empty"

Country Queer Roundup - Christopher Treacy  

"Reunion: Songs of Family and Home" EP

Adobe and Teardrops - September 19, 2022 Rachel Cholst

"Down at the Old Homeplace"

Country Queer Roundup - August 24, 2022 Christopher Treacy

"Little Warbler"

Country Queer Roundup - April 27, 2022 Christopher Treacy

"Simple Answers"

Weekly Roundup Country Queer - November 27, 2021 Madeleine

Awards & Nominations

Blues and Roots Radio 5th International Song Contest - "Little Warbler" in Male Artist Category (Nominee)

Great River Folk Festival Honorable Mention Songwriter Contest "Little Warbler"


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