New release 4/21/23 - "Manicured Gentrified Lawn"


Available on all streaming platforms 4/21/23

"Manicured Gentrified Lawn" was written in response to sensitive areas here in the Rio Grande Valley of South Texas (my home) either being over developed or experiencing gentrification. It has been frustrating to watch as native plants are ripped out and replaced with non-native trees, shrubs, and plants which displaces wildlife, not to even mention the human toll that gentrification causes. Of course, this is a problem happening everywhere, not just my own backyard.

I am releasing this song during Spring and especially for Earth Day as a reminder that our actions have direct consequences and we should be mindful of our ecosystem even when it comes to a bit of landscaping. Just setting aside a small portion of your yard to grow wild and limiting your use of chemicals makes a huge difference.  The birds, bees, and butterflies will thank you, and so will I!


  1. Thank you for sharing this! Our planet is our home.


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