Stories behind the songs: Bonus tracks on "Songs of Family and Home: The Complete Collection"

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Songs of Family and Home: The Complete Collection contains Vol. I "Reunion" and 

Vol. II. "Garden of Memories" of my Songs of Family and Home project. 

The physical CD has four bonus tracks that are not available on streaming services. 

These are the  stories behind these tracks.

“Whisper (1993”

This is a 1993 recording of “Whisper” which was done at one of those tourist trap recording booths on Music Row in Nashville. While I have rewritten some words, added a new verse, and changed the melody a bit for the new version, I wanted to honor 17 year old me and preserve the original by including it here.

“A Morning in Weslaco”

I woke up early one morning after moving away from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, and in the moments between sleep and awake I really thought I was 5 years old again, sitting down to breakfast in Weslaco. This writing was an attempt to capture the dream state I was in.

“The Last Time I Saw Grandma”

My grandmother spent the last years of her life in a care home. She had Alzheimer’s, a cruel and wicked disease. Watching her decline was and is still one of the hardest things I’ve ever experienced. I wrote this memory shortly after her death about my last visit with her.

“Reunion (2004)”

This recording was my first attempt to break into radio. My parents found a professional recording studio near Tyler, Texas through a friend at their church and paid for a full scale production of the song. Needless to say, I wasn’t that successful in shopping the song out, but it was performed regionally by a few singers on the Southern Gospel circuit, and played on a few local stations.


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